Coined in the 1950's, it is commonly referred to stereoscopic imaging. Since the advent of the PC, it has been borrowed to mean almost anything dealing with images that have perspective and or volumetric qualities and now even sound. Historically, a 3D film, TV program or comic book would turn heads with knowing anticipation. Now, the term "3D" is more common than the word "Internet". The public clearly likes 3D. Give them quality programs and they will want more. This is historic fact. 3D is fun for young and old alike. When the subject matter is interesting and it is technically well done, 3D is far more effective at creating long term memory associations than comparable presentation.


  • All you go through in life are already foretold in somebody else's dreams.
  • When you meet him, he is your best friend or your worst enemy.
  • There is just a thin line separating the two.


Paramapadam is a traditional game played in India . The traditional form is an offshoot of the Indian Karma Theory. Devoid of a clear concept of Heaven and Hell, Indians believe in the now and here as the fall-out of ones doings in the Past, popularly known as Karma. A game of paramapadam is a travel through the various permutations and combinations of the routes a soul might take in its journey. Effects of Karma are defined by the ladders and snakes which dot the game. A good Karma fetches you up on to a better plane of existence and a bad Karma sets you back on a lesser plane.

This is to give you a sense of the entire existence cycle and a figurative taste of the journey which is supposed to span over eons without going through it actually.

What if there exists a game of Paramapadam which puts you through the experience actually?


Vishnu (18) and Thulasi (15) are the children of a businessman living in Secunderabad. Narottam(11) and Urmila (9) are their neighbours' children. The four of them form a group in terms of experiencing life. Vishnu being the eldest of the group is the icon of Narottam. Thulasi happens to be a person to emulate for Urmila. Though Vishnu and Thulasi feign that they do not like being the ideals of the two younger children, they nevertheless take to the two as the source of their entertainment. Vishnu likes Urmila and plays god to her whereas Thulasi is more close to Narottam.

All four go on a vacation to a village in the Rayalaseema region. The village is a moderate one adjoining a small township. A rustic village along the Tirumala range, it is lush and moderately pleasant to stay. The mystery of the place is a lone house in the outskirts of the village. The house has a lone occupant, an old man of 72, who is revered and feared by the villagers.

The house becomes their regular haunt and they visit it everyday to strike a conversion with the old man and to amuse themselves by playing small games in the open landscape around the house. The old man joins them in their games and enjoys himself like a kid.

When they run out of ideas to amuse themselves the old man offers to entertain them by playing a game of paramapadam. He takes them into the house for the first time which in itself is an adventure for the foursome. Once inside the house he unrolls an old leather scroll of the paramapadam beautifully hand painted.

He takes out a pair of dice made of human bodies and initiates them into the game. He tells them that the game can be played by any number and that there is a song for each square, which are in a book accompanying the scroll. He warns them that they could have adventures as they play.

It creates a mixed response from the four. Vishnu is sceptical and express his doubts as to how an ordinary game of snakes and ladders can be adventurous. Thulasi is awed by the pictures on the scroll and says adventure or no adventure, she is going ahead and playing. Narottam is gunning for the adventure as he is already awed and amused by the old man and to top it all his infatuation with Thulasi drives him. Urmila is scared.

They are magically transported to a mythical landscape. With a mix of fear and elation they go through an adventure in it and at the end of which the old man declares that they can't get out without finishing the game.


The story will be treated as a larger narrative and individual adventures with smaller narratives will be strung through it till the end of the game played.

Back and forth travel to the same idea is a possibility. In such cases the core idea of the smaller narratives will be retained with small modifications to give rise to a completely new adventure.

Space and time will be treated as per the idea of the individual smaller narratives.

Attempt will be to finish the individual adventures within the given episode, and a lead given to the forthcoming adventure by the roll of the dice.



The hero of the story is popularly known as Irumbukkai Mayavi(Steel handed phantom). "His real name is Parasuram. He is an agent of a highly secret organization known as other President's XI. His code name in the organization is AXE-5.

He is a highly skilled fighting machine with sharp brains that is needed for investigation. He loses his right hand in a covert operation, fighting the enemies courageously against all odds. Not wanting to lose such a great man the organization gets the top research scientists in the defense department fit him with a special steel hand. The hand itself is a miracle of modern technology.

Each finger of the hand is a deadly weapon.The index finger shoots, the middle finger discharges electricity, the ring finger emits a gas that makes people unconscious and the little finger has a transmitter built into it for the radio that is in the palm of the steel hand. The hand can also be detached and made to move by itself by a remote. But the special freakish Power that gives the hero his name "Irumbukkai Mayavi" is the ability to become invisible for some time when charged with electricity.

With these special powers he becomes a living legend in fighting crime. He is the nemesis of all evilmen throughout the world.


The story is about the adventures of a secret agent named lrumbukkai Mayavi as he fights all major evils that afflict . . the Society. His organization is called the PRESIDENT'S XI. IT is a clandestine organization that is !mown only to a handful of people in the whole country. The President, as the supreme commander of the armed forces, is the head of the organization. The agents of this organization are answerable only to him.

As an elite force it is second to none in the country. This fact has been proved many times over as it has thwarted many destructive acts of the terrorists and big criminals against our country. The most popular 6f this elite . force is lrumbukkai Mayavi who is a veteran in his line of work. He is intelligent. He is fearless as a fighter. His freakish power of temporary invisibility makes him a nightmare for criminals.

So the story will be partly science fiction and partly a spy thriller. It would have lots of fast paced action complete with computer generated special effects. One example of computer graphics would be the sequence of the hero becoming invisible when charged with electricity. Only his steel hand would he visible and it would fight the bad men.


This serial is partly science fiction and partly an action oriented spy thriller. This would be the first of its kind in the television. This genre has not been attempted at all in regional televisions. So it is a sort of a pioneering effort. This serial would attract a wide variety of audience but particularly to the age group of seven to seventeen because of it's comic book appeal.

People in their twenties and thirties would also like it as it would be like reading a racy spy thriller novel. The Female audience will be allured and attracted towards this serial by having key female characters and problems faced by them. We can also make it more appealing by basing our episode on current issues.

There is also a scope for visual grandeur that would cut across viewers of all age groups. Our hero character will be in the line of great comic hero's like 'Superman' 'Batman' 'Spiderman' etc.